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We at Smartkeeda always strive to offer our users ‘something’ that make them smart learners and keeping the same in mind we have brought to you ‘Daily Live Quizzes’ under ‘Perform and Win’ category. In this daily quiz competition, you will be participating live with numerous other users and thus can experience real exam like experience while attempting the quizzes. Not only this, you can also win Paytm Cash or SSC CGL Tier 1 2019 Free Mock Test Series or both by performing well in the quizzes.

Perform & Win Daily Quizzes Benefits:

You can win Paytm Cash every day. You can also avail yourself of Testzone SSC CGL Tier 1 Mock Test Series for free. You can attempt and practise new pattern based Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Aptitude and English Language Questions in an extremely competitive real-time environment. 

Perform & Win Daily Quizzes Advantages:

With the help of our smartly designed Live Quiz Performance Analysis You can monitor which are the chapters you need to work upon for the real exam. If you attempt these quizzes seriously, you can improve your question attempt speed to a great extent. Most importantly you can call and ask your friends who are also preparing for the same exam to participate in the quiz and later boast of your rank if you are able to score highest in your group. :)

So what are you waiting for?

Go register yourself for your first quiz today! And Please do not forget to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the contest before you start your first quiz. All the best!

Team Smartkeeda

Like every other contest, we also have certain rules and guidelines for you to follow while participating in ‘Perform & Win’ Live Quizzes at Testzone.

1. Under the SSC CGL Quiz category in ‘My Quizzes’ section you will be able to find the current Quizzes which are going to be live on different dates. Every day one particular quiz will be opened for registrations and you will have to register for the quiz before the deadline. Please keep the point in mind that if you fail to register for a quiz within the time-limit, you will not be able to participate in it.

2. 5 Minutes before the start of a quiz, you will be notified through SMS so that you can come online to play the Live Quiz.

3. The moment you enter the quiz, your status will be considered as ‘Participated’. Please make sure you do not leave the quiz in the middle by closing the Quiz window in your laptop or by pressing the power button in your mobile device. If you do so, your answer choices as well as the submission time will be locked for the final result.

4. The ranks will be awarded on the basis of ‘Marks gained’ and ‘Time’ respectively which means the ranks between the two users who score equal marks will be calculated on the basis of their quiz submission time. Therefore, as a participant you are advised to attempt maximum questions correctly and once you become sure of your attempts you must lock your answers by pressing “Lock Answers” button given on the top right of the Quiz screen to register your Quiz submission time to the server.

Who’ll be the Winners?

The ones who gain the maximum marks in the least possible time will be the winners. Therefore, as a participant your strategy must be to answer most of the questions correctly and of course you have to be fastest among all.

What will the Winners get?

First 20 Rank holders will be awarded as per the table given below. 
Rank Prize
1st Rs 100 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
2nd Rs 50 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
3rd Rs 30 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
4th Rs 10 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
5th Rs 10 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
6th Rs 10 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
7th Rs 10 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
8th Rs 10 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
9th Rs 10 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
10th Rs 10 Paytm Cash + SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
11th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
12th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
13th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
14th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
15th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
16th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
17th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
18th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
19th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series
20th SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series

*Note: The SSC CGL Tier 1 Test Series offer will not be applicable to those who already have their Test Series plans active at Testzone.
* Note: If more than 1 participants achieve the same rank from 1 to 10, the Paytm Cash will be distributed equally among them. 

Fake Attempt Restriction Mechanism:
We at Smartkeeda have always been sincere in our efforts and we expect each and every participant to be the same. If at all a participant tries to manipulate the test either by applying pure guess-work or using dishonest measures, his or her result will be deleted on its own by Testzone's  automated fake attempt restriction mechanishm. Simply speaking, you are always advised to not to mark an option without putting your efforts in solving it. 
If you still have any doubt, please feel free to write back to us to or

All the best!
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Quiz Quiz Date Subject Status Marks Rank Prize View
1 17-May-2019 EL View Result
2 18-May-2019 QA View Result
3 19-May-2019 RA View Result
4 20-May-2019 EL View Result
5 21-May-2019 QA View Result
6 22-May-2019 RA View Result
7 23-May-2019 EL View Result
8 24-May-2019 QA View Result
9 25-May-2019 RA View Result
10 26-May-2019 EL View Result
11 27-May-2019 QA View Result
12 28-May-2019 RA View Result
13 29-May-2019 EL View Result
14 30-May-2019 QA View Result
15 31-May-2019 RA View Result
16 01-Jun-2019 EL View Result
17 02-Jun-2019 QA View Result
18 03-Jun-2019 RA View Result
19 04-Jun-2019 EL View Result
20 05-Jun-2019 QA View Result
21 06-Jun-2019 RA View Result
22 07-Jun-2019 EL View Result
23 08-Jun-2019 QA View Result
24 09-Jun-2019 RA View Result
25 10-Jun-2019 EL View Result