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Cover Story

Empowering a Nation: The Saga of 2023's Parliamentary Triumphs, where Visionary Bills Ignite Progress and Embrace Change

Key Hightlights

  • WomensReservationBill2023
  • NariShaktiVandanAdhiniyam
  • CinematographAmendmentBill2023
  • ConstitutionSTOrderThirdAmendmentBill2023
  • ConstitutionSTOrderFifthAmendmentBill2023
  • BiologicalDiversityAmendmentBill2023
  • MinesAndMineralsAmendmentBill2023
  • OffshoreAreasMineralsAmendmentBill2023
  • ForestConservationAmendmentBill2023
  • JanVishwasAmendmentBill2023
  • RegistrationOfBirthsAndDeathsAmendmentBill2023
  • MediationBill2023
  • IIMAmendmentBill2023
  • ConstitutionSCOrderAmendmentBill2023
  • CoastalAquacultureAuthorityAmendmentBill2023
  • GSTAmendmentBill2023
  • GNCTDAmendmentBill2023
  • DigitalDataProtectionBill2023
  • AnusandhanNRFBill2023
  • MultiStateCooperativeSocietiesAmendmentBill2022
  • ITIntermediaryGuidelinesAmendment2023
  • ModelPrisonsAct2023
  • CriminalLawsRevamp2023
  • ISOCommandControlDisciplineBill202

In Brief

Our first fortnightly magazine of November month is here. Our latest magazine keeps you up to date of the legal world. This magazine covers all the Contemporary events, national and international affairs, Arts & Culture and Historical events, Quick facts, and law related news articles. It also covers a section of topic wise tests which are really helpful in your preparation.
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