The English Comprehension is one of the most important sections that is asked in the major bank exams like IBPS, SBI Clerk and PO exams. As per the exam pattern of these exams, questions of around 5 to 10 marks is asked in the preliminary exam. While questions of around 10 to 15 marks are asked in the mains exam of the Banking recruitment process. However, the students who don’t have good command in the English section find it difficult to score maximum marks in this section. 
There is no hard and fast rule to solve the English Comprehension section for banking exams but the candidates can ace the section with consistent practice and dedication. Hence to help the candidates with the same, we have mentioned the basic methods to solve the English Comprehension for IBPS/ SBI exams. Additionally, we have also provided the direct link to practice with the English Comprehension Quizzes especially for the Preliminary and Mains exam. 

How to Excel in the English Comprehension for Bank/SSC Exams?

The English Comprehension section is a very easy section and is completely based on the reading skill of the candidates. The only problem that the candidates face while solving the questions is that questions from vocabulary i.e. Synonyms and Antonyms are difficult to crack. However the same can also be tackled with consistent efforts and the tips that are mentioned in the space below:

Upgrade your Reading Ability

The candidates should begin by upgrading their reading ability. The questions in the preliminary examination can be tackled easily by merely reading. Hence, the candidate should resort to reading books, newspapers or journals. The candidates should try to read ebooks more to increase their reading time on the computer screen. 

Read the Question first!

At times, it happens that the passage is very lengthy however the questions asked are direct. Hence, the candidates should try to read the question first and then search the same in the passage. Reading the whole passage will lead to a wastage of time. This a short trick and is usually to lessen the time to solve the questions in the preliminary examination where the time limit is really less. 
Attempt here the free SBI Clerk Main Mock Test for the upcoming exam!

Go through the lines for Vocabulary based questions

Vocabulary based questions i.e. antonyms and synonyms are usually easy in nature and the candidates can easily tackle them by reading the sentences. The canddiates should try to read the lines twice or thrice. In this way, they can easily deduce the meaning of the word and then find the antonym or synonym of the same.

Use the Elimination Method

The candidates must use the elimination method to solve the reading comprehension questions. At times there are instances where the fill in the space questions are asked and the options confuse the candidates. In this case, the candidates should try to put the option within the space and then evaluate the same. The candidates must eliminate the options provided to them and then tick the final answer.

Attempt Mock Test

Attempting a mock test for elevating the scores of the English section is the best thing that the candidates can do. The students can also opt for the topics wise quizzes available on the official website of Smartkeeda. Not only attempting them but a proper analysis of the mock test especially the reading comprehension section should also be done by the candidates to score high marks in the Bank PO or Clerk Examination.

Team Smartkeeda