The reasoning is one of the most important subjects of Competitive exams i.e. Bank/SSC Exams. The candidates who are willing to appear for these exams should prepare well for this subject as it is one of the most scoring subjects and help the candidates in clearing the exams. However one of the major obstacles that candidates face is that they do not know the correct way to prepare Reasoning for competitive exams 2021. This is also one of the major reasons that candidates fail to clear these exams and are often out of the race.
Hence, with the idea of providing the correct insight, we have come up with this article on Reasoning Preparation Tips by Smartkeeda. This article will highlight the major Important Reasoning books for Bank and SSC Exams as well as an Effective Strategy to Crack Reasoning questions in the examination.

Types of Questions asked from Reasoning Section in Competitive Exam

Banks and SSC Exams are some of the competitive exams in which questions from the Reasoning Section can be found. The candidates can found the major topics on which the questions in the reasoning sections are asked:
  • Analogy Based Questions
  • Seating Arrangement Questions
  • Puzzle Based Questions
  • Blood Relation Questions
  • Alphanumeric Series
  • Direction and Distance-Based
  • Syllogism
  • Conclusion Based

Important Reasoning Books for Bank and SSC Exams

A lot of books are found in the online/offline market that offer practice questions and basic concepts of the Reasoning section. However, this is one of the reasons that students fail to stick to a certain concept, and indulging in too many concepts leads to their failure in the examinations. Hence, with the idea of helping our readers, we have made a list of important reasoning books for Bank and SSC Exams that could be helpful for them. 
These books not only help the candidates in scoring more marks but also makes their basic concepts strong after which they can solve questions of any level asked in the examination:
Resources Name Author  Synopsis
Topic Wise Reasoning Quizzes Smartkeeda
Provides Daily Quizzes based on topics asked in the examination.
An Advanced Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning for Competitive Exams Oswal Publishers
A very good book that contains the basic concepts as well as a lot of practice questions. 
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R S Aggarwal
A very good book by the author for dealing with the different levels of questions asked in the Reasoning section along with an explanation.
A New Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning B S Sijwali
One of the most important books for short tricks relevant to make the calculator easy.
Shortcuts in Reasoning Disha Experts
The book is filled with shortcuts and important tricks to ace the different types of questions asked in the exam.
Puzzle Quizzes Smartkeeda
Helps in improving accuracy and speed at the same time by providing PDF as well as timer-based questions.
Reasoning Mock Drill Smartkeeda
Developed by the expert team of Smartkeeda and helps ace the reasoning section with high marks in less time.

Preparation Tips to Ace the Reasoning Section in Competitive Exam

The reasoning is sought to be one of the trickiest sections in the competitive exams be it Bank or SSC. One of the reasons for that is that there are many concepts and a plethora of topics on which questions can be developed. Hence, the students often found it to be very complicated. Owing to the complexity of the subjects a lot of students found the subject to be very tough and hence they can check out the Reasoning Preparation Tips by Smartkeeda in the space below to score maximum marks in this section:

Build up Your Foundation:

The candidates should begin with building the foundation and basics for each chapter asked in the Reasoning section i.e. Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Blood Relation, Distance, etc. Often it is seen that the high-level questions are based on basic concepts. Hence, with that in mind keep the basics clear and try to develop applications of these basic concepts.

Choose Your Resources Wisely:

Resources you choose play a very pivotal role in the overall preparation of the candidates. Although there are many books and resources, youtube channels, or courses floating in the market, not everything you see is worthy. Hence, always go for books and resources that help build the basics and help provide practice questions of different levels.

Maximize your Practice Level:

We at Smartkeeda have always stressed the importance of maximizing the Practice while preparing for the exam. Practise in general not only helps in improving the speed and accuracy of the candidates before the exam. At the same time with practice, the candidates develop their own approach and shortcut to solve any questions. 

Hence, the candidates can resort to online or offline study material to give an edge to their practice level. Some topics like Puzzles never have a single type and with constant practice, the candidates can master this section and score high marks.

Analyze your Performance:

While appearing for a Mock Test or Quiz at the Smartkeeda portal, the candidates get connected to a unique dashboard wherein they can analyze their performance. Performance analysis also helps the candidates in recognizing their weak and strong areas before the examination. This is helpful to strengthen the preparation level and manage time during the examination.

Work On your Approach in Exam:

This approach is the key to crack any competitive exam. In fact, it is the deciding factor that checks if the candidates score high marks in the exam. Hence, the candidate should always check their approach and see if it is helping them in the examination. For example in the preliminary exam of Reasoning, the candidates only get 20 minutes to solve 35 questions. If a candidate begins with a puzzle or seating arrangement he may end up losing a lot of time or even stuck in the same. 

Hence, the candidates should always begin with those questions like miscellaneous topics where the success rate is 99% and post which they can attempt the puzzle section with leftover time.

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