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Odisha Mining Corporation almost every releases some vacancies for various posts like this year in 2020 they released, aspirants always keep one thing in their mind that It is all about mind game, you must be thinking why OMC is a mind game because a lot students take exam like a machines, we are not machine Nature gives us brain and we should use that, in this article “Tips to Crack OMC Exam” we are going discuss things given below:
  • Aspirants Behavior
  • Take a Mock Test of OMC 2020
  • Compare yourself with Topper
  • Make a list of important things you need to get done
  • Cut your preparation into parts
  • Repeat It
See, we have less than 2 months for OMC 2020 and we need to cover three sections quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, and English. If you’ve been going to class and if you’ve been keeping on top of things this really doesn’t take very long at all. Preparing for OMC 2020 should, ideally, be a giant review session, not a time where you actually learn anything for the first time. Of course, that’s never actually the case but as close as you can get is great.

Here is the First Tip to crack OMC 2020

1. Aspirants Behavior

If you are good at every topic and still you are striving to develop the most important skills to Crack OMC Exam it is your behavior to tackle an exam. Somewhere while taking an exam you are not approaching paper in a proper way. So here the two tips for behavior
Don’t be Egoistic- Yes! You read right don’t be egoistic means you are not meant to be solve each and every question like other most of aspirants do while tackle any question, your behavior should be controlled.

Picking of Questions- Always try to pick the easiest questions first among all.
Almost 80% of exam aspirants start solving the question that comes on their computer screen instead of going for the easy pickings. It’s exactly like acting a Chris Gayle, trying to hit every single ball out of the ground. Whereas batsman like Virat and Dhoni always play a ball on its merit and wait for the loose deliveries by the opponent bowler. We hope you can read between the lines.

Here is the Second Tip to crack OMC 2020

2. Take a Mock Test of OMC 2020

When you got disciplined to yourself, we recommend you to take a mock test which has to be new pattern based that follow all the new things which RBI (Reserve Bank of India) have made in their exam. By taking a mock test go through all the analysis and check yourself where you stand. You can attempt a free new pattern Mock Test of OMC 2020 link is below.
Best Test Series for OMC

Here is the Third Tip to crack OMC 2020

3. Compare yourself with Topper

Yes! Exactly Comparison, It’s a very negative word these days, you have heard from a lot of people that don’t compare yourself with others but if you are in the competitions fields you will have to compare otherwise you can’t figure out how much competition in the market. So after taking a OMC mock test, there is an option of topper comparison you have to be attentive while going through that comparison filter.
It’s through you will get the answer to some below questions:
  • How does topper think?
  • How they tackle the exam?
  • What is his strategy to crack the exam?
  • How much time does he take to solve a particular question?

Here is the Fourth Tip to crack OMC 2020


4. Make a list of important things you need to get done

Yes, absolutely right only important things. We don’t have enough time to practice each and everything. Go through OMC 2020 syllabus and make a list of those topics where you are good at and set the priority according to the preparation or your mock test result.
Once you make that list, make a folder on your computer and just bring everything you need into that folder.
This helps you because it puts your mind at ease. If you have a list of everything which you need to get done, you can rest easy knowing exactly what is important for you. This helps lower your exam-related anxiety while studying and also during the test. If you know that all the material was on that list and that you can give competition to other aspirants, you have to stick on those topics and practice as hard as you can.

Here is the Fifth Tip to crack OMC 2020

5. Cut your preparation into parts

To tackle big goal of the full-length test while you’re preparing for OMC 2020, I would highly recommend you to cut your preparation into parts, do not try to cover all the topics together and take a full-length mock test. First, you need to take quizzes regarding your section or topics. Quizzes are small goals, and they can make you feel positive which through you can cover big goal in small steps. At Smartkeeda you can also get regularly new pattern based questions quizzes of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. Here is the link for the new pattern based questions for OMC 2020.
Quantitative Aptitude for OMC
Reasoning for OMC
English for OMC

Here is the Sixth Tip to crack OMC 2020

6. Repeat It

We have already discussed the 4 crucial steps for your OMC 2020 preparation. Now it’s time to repeat them again and again until you touch the topper in your mock tests. You must have heard of the saying “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. It simply means that when you achieve great thing in life, it’s your hard-work or grit that makes it possible and not your luck. It is indeed true as far as competitive exam preparation is concerned. It’s more of your practice that gives you an edge over others.
Benefits of following the above tips:
It would help you score the maximum in the least possible time.
Skip the questions you are not able to solve in a reasonable time limit.
Insight: Almost 74% students waste 32% of their time on unanswered or incorrect questions. It is simply because they make it a matter of ego if they are not able to solve a particular question and get stuck to it, wasting their precious time and gaining negative marks which takes them to abyss.
In Bank exams like OMC your accuracy carries high weight-age. If you are able to keep it high by skipping a question you are not able to solve, you can save your 0.25 mark as well and which could be crucial keeping the Cut off thing in mind.
So, the key to all of the preparation, though, understands how to prepare for exams. Once you know that, the rest of it doesn’t seem nearly as terrifying.
I hope this “Tips to Crack OMC 2020” helps you feel ready for your RBI ASSISTANT EXAM 2020 these next few weeks! Remember: you can do this! It’s all about being prepared and working hard, and as long as you’ve got those two, you’ll be golden.
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