CUET is going to take place in June-July 2022 while board exams of CBSE, ICSE, and other states will end around  May 2022.  14 Universities including Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University have confirmed that they are going to participate in CUET 2022. The biggest challenge in front of students’ is preparation for CUET with board exams. In this article we have discussed in length about the books, timetable, and different strategies for CUET Preparation. 

What we are going to cover in this article:-

*What is CUET?

*What is the Syllabus of CUET?

*Strategy to Cover Aptitude Test CUET (English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, General Studies, and GK)

*Strategy to cover Domain Knowledge CUET (Science, Humanities, Commerce, Etc.)

*Books to cover the syllabus of CUET comprehensively

*Timetable for CUET 2022

*Role of Mock Test

*Words of motivation

What is CUET?

Now let’s take one by one each heading and remove all doubts related to CUET 2022 Preparation.

CUET is Common Entrance Exam that is going to be conducted by NTA (National Test Agency) for 54 universities. Students just need to prepare for this one exam for all central universities.

In 2022, 14 Central Universities including DU and JNU will participate in the CUET.

For more information on CUET you can click here.

What is the Syllabus of CUET?

There will be two section A and section B. Section A is related to Aptitude Test while Section B is related to domain knowledge.For complete syllabus with subsections click here.

Strategy to Cover Aptitude Test CUET

Aptitude Test will cover:-
  • General English
  • Quantitative Aptitude ( 9th and 10 level Math)
  • Reasoning
  • General Studies and General Knowledge

To cover the CUET Aptitude Test Preparation( Section-A), pick any one topic like General English or Reasoning for 3 days then move to other topic and give 3 days to it. This way makes a cycle of 3-3 days for each subject.

Once you are done will all subtopics. Start revising them for half an hour and other half an hour give to practice mocks.

After board exam give all the time you have at your disposal for CUET Preparation.

Strategy to cover Domain Knowledge CUET:-

Section B will cover the Domain knowledge, domain knowledge means subject-related knowledge for the exam if a student is going to apply for B.SC, then he/she should prepare for science same way a for commerce will be the domain knowledge.

Your domain knowledge will be covered with board preparation so you need not to prepare this section separately during your board preparation.

It is advisable to make short notes during board prep for the domain knowledge.

For more on domain knowledge click here.

 Books to cover CUET preparation.

Apart from Reasoning most of the CUET Preparation of Aptitude and Domain Knowledge can easily be covered from the NCERTs Books (download Ncerts)or from your course books.

For Reasoning preparation you can purchase “RS Agarwal for Reasoning”.

To see the complete list of CUET Preparation books click here.

Time Table for CUET 2022

Time Table of CUET Preparation should be in tune with your preparation for Board exams. You should complete your domain knowledge (Part –B) with Board Preparation. And once the Board  Exam is done just revise the domain knowledge & practice mocks.

As we have mentioned earlier, during board prep give at least 1 hour, best time early in the morning.

After boards exam your CUET Prep will take the front seat.

6 hours will be sufficient for the CUET Preparation

1 hour each to English, Maths, Reasoning, and GS GK -Total 4hrs.

1 hour for domain knowledge

1 hour for mock test

Role of Mock Test :-

CUET 2022will be going to be the first competitive exam for many students. They won’t be familiar with the competitive exam ecology. So make themselves familiar with the pressure of competitive exams Mock Test will play a vital role.

CUET Preparation is one thing and giving exam of CUET is other. CUET 2022 will be a game-changer because so called average students will also have the chance to get good Central Universities if their preparation is top- notch.

Mocks will give your preparation an extra edge.

Words of motivation:-

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you”
Remember this line stay positive. Nothing is bigger than you. Prepare and practice well.

Haapy Study,
Team Smart Keeda