The reasoning is one of the major subjects asked in the SBI Clerk examination. It not only forms questions in the preliminary section but also carries high weightage in the Mains exam. However, there are 8 Mistakes that should be avoided in Reasoning while preparing for SBI Clerk 2021. It is often seen that repeating these mistakes, again and again, is one of the major reasons that led to a candidate's failure in the bank exams. It is therefore very crucial that candidates go through the 8 preparation mistakes by Smartkeeda and rectify them beforehand to ace the SBI Clerk exam.
In an attempt to help our students we have come up with this unique blog that talks about the Top 8 Mistakes to avoid in the reasoning section of the SBI Clerk exam by Smartkeeda. Check out this page fully to increase your chances of scoring 30+ marks in the Reasoning Section of SBI.

Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid in Reasoning While Preparing for SBI Clerk 2021

According to the SBI Clerk Exam Pattern, Reasoning has 35 questions in the preliminary exam while 50 questions in the SBI Clerk Mains exam. However, there are certain mistakes that have to be avoided by the candidates to score 30+ marks in the examination. The more marks a candidate scores the more his chances of selection increase in the examination of SBI Junior Associates. Check out the space below for the Top 8 mistakes and rectify them before the examination.

Study the Syllabus

One of the first things that the candidates have to do while preparing for the SBI Clerk exam is studying the syllabus of the Reasoning section. The topics of the reasoning section in bank exams are different from SSC and Railway and here more weightage is given to Logical and Non Verbal Reasoning. Therefore, the first thing that students aiming for high marks in Reasoning have to do is study the syllabus thoroughly and get a rough idea of the weightage by checking the Previous Year Analysis of SBI Clerk by Smartkeeda.

Choose your comfort level

The next thing that the candidates must do after studying the syllabus is choosing the Reasoning topics they are most comfortable in. There are a plethora of topics that are asked in the Reasoning section i.e. Puzzles & Seating Arrangements, Logical Reasoning, Blood Relations, etc. The candidates should try and test the major topics beforehand and maximize the practice level.

Focus more on Puzzles and Seating Arrangement

Puzzles and Seating Arrangement account for the majority of questions asked in the examination. There are at least 20 questions in the preliminary exam while around 25-30 questions in the Mains exam. The Puzzle and seating arrangement section is very vast and it has a lot of subtypes like Circular seating arrangement, Rectangle based, Double row-based seating arrangement Hence, the candidates must prioritize this section and try to cover maximum types of subtopics in the same. With practice, candidates can get a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses and work on them before the exam.

First Basics then Practice

There are minor differences in the Reasoning and Quant sections, but the similarity between the two is that both of them work on certain principles, and the only way to ace them is consistent practice. Therefore, we at Smartkeeda advise our readers to ace the basics of each chapter first and then go for practice. Half-baked knowledge of any subject is always known to harm the preparation. Hence it is very crucial that candidates follow the best books, resources, youtube channels, etc to clear the concepts first.

Test Your Speed

Speed is one of the biggest weapons to ace the bank exam be it SBI Clerk or PO. The reason for this is sectional timing, the candidates get fixed timing to solve the questions in the exam. Also, if the candidates fail to solve maximum questions in the given time then there is a chance of debarment from the selection process. We recommend our candidates to go for Reasoning Topic Tests by Smartkeeda to test their speed and improvise the same.

Work on your Accuracy

There is no doubt that high attempts matter in competitive examinations like SBI Clerk. Nevertheless, if the attempts are high but the accuracy is poor then even if you solve 35 out of 35 questions you will fail in the exam. It is hence very important that candidates work on their accuracy too while attempting the exam. The most suitable accuracy level is 85-90% and this target is achievable only when you follow SBI Clerk Mock Tests by Smartkeeda. The unique thing about these mock tests is that they show you your overall and subject-wise accuracy level. 


Although Reasoning comes under the Aptitude section there are certain concepts that have to be revisited by the candidates before going for the examination. In our idea, the candidates should form sticky notes or pointers for each topic as they derive their own shortcut methods to solve the questions of different topics in the Reasoning section. Revision helps in freshening up the major tricks and concepts related to the different chapters of the subject.

Analyze your Performance

One thing that students don’t do is fail to analyze their performance while attempting the Mock tests as well as in the examination. Your performance is your overall summary of how you approach a question, mistakes you are making, and areas of the exam that need improvement. Hence it is very crucial that a proper and thorough analysis is done and the major things that come out of it should be followed coherently to ace the SBI Clerk 2021 exam.

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