Topic Tests by Smartkeeda - Journey from Basic to Advance Level

Nowadays, cracking a competitive exam is only a piece of cake if you have a thorough understanding of the basic concepts. Exam preparation is a gradual process consisting of various steps, and you must put in arduous efforts to get through it.
Considering the need of the hour and the plight of struggling aspirants, team Smartkeeda recently launched a new initiative called "Topic Tests". In this section, you'll be provided with several tests on specific topics per week at a very affordable price which you can attempt to enhance your knowledge & score in each section.
Let's discuss in detail the concept of topic tests, why they were introduced, and how this initiative will help you hit the bull's eye.

What are Topic Tests?

Topic Test is basically a learning technique meticulously designed by Team Smartkeeda to acquaint the students with all the important topics asked in the banking examinations. These tests are particularly created to examine and strengthen the basic concepts of students in different topics in each section from basic to advanced level.

Why topic tests are important?

Gone are the days when being a jack of all trades was enough to crack the competitive examinations. In today's era, the exams are set in a way that can sieve the best candidates from the lot, and therefore you need to have a good understanding of each topic to be on the shortlist.
In many cases, aspirants do not even try to attempt a question from the topics they are not confident of, even if they have time. This lack of confidence is a result of lack of basic understanding of the concepts. Due to this, many aspirants skip some of the "very easy questions" of the test and end up missing the cutoff by margins.
A thorough knowledge of the topics asked in competitive exams is the first step to cracking these examinations. Practicing each topic individually will help you build an understanding of the concepts from scratch.

Salient Features of the Smartkeeda Topic Test series

Smartkeeda strongly believes that the key to cracking competitive exams is having conceptual clarity of each topic. Only if your concepts in the topic are clear, you'll be able to solve or at least try your hands on any type of question, whatsoever may be the difficulty level. If your concept is clear, your brain will devise different, ingenious, and shorter ways around the hurdle.
The Topic Test series by Smartkeeda prioritizes learning different concepts asked in the competitive examinations in a consistent & well-paced manner. Building concepts using this series would be a gradual process.
Let us understand the key points of the Smartkeeda Topic Test Series:
  • In this series, all the major topics asked in the competitive examination will be covered from beginner to advanced level.
  • You will be provided with a total of 700 tests on different topics from Quant, Reasoning, and English Language in a duration of 6-7 months. These tests would be released slowly to help you build a deep understanding of each topic.
  • The initial tests would be of elementary level targeting the prelims, gradually the difficulty level would be increased to the mains level.
  • Initially, we'll release 5-10 tests per week on selected topics. Each test would contain 10 questions of 1 mark each.
  • Slowly, this number of released tests would go up to 20-25 tests per week from February 2023.
  • The Topic tests on the selected topics would go live every Friday.
  • After completing each test, you'll be provided with a scorecard, a personalized performance report, and a detailed solution to each question.
  • You'll get notified about the topics on which the tests have been released via the Smartkeeda App as well as the Smartkeeda telegram channel (@smartkeedaofficial).
 Once all the 700 tests have been released, you can Reattempt any of them until the validity (12 months) expires.

How to Attempt the Smartkeeda Topic Tests to Master any Topic?

As we have discussed, the main aim of the Smartkeeda Topic Test Series is to build conceptual clarity in each topic. Therefore, to clarify all the doubts that might occur in a topic, we'll be providing you with every possible type of question that could be asked from a particular topic. This beginner to advanced-level topic test series will help you learn all the major concepts required to build a strong base in each topic asked in the competitive examination.

The 3-Step Process

To reap the maximum benefit, practicing with the Smartkeeda Topic Tests would be a 3-step process:

Step 1: Attempt a Topic Test

Once you're done understanding the syllabus and pattern of the examination, attempt the first topic test at At the beginner stage, we recommend you choose the topic you feel most confident about. Since the difficulty level of the topics is raised after each test, ensure that you attempt the tests in a similar manner. While attempting a Topic Test, make sure that:
  • You have a good internet connection.
  • You have a fair understanding of the topic you're attempting.
  • All the purposeless electronic devices such as mobile, calculators, etc are away from your sight.

Step 2: Analyze your Performance

This should be an immediate step after attempting any Topic Test. The Analysis part of the Smartkeeda Topic Test Series is critical and extremely helpful in highlighting the areas that require utmost attention.
Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you attempted a topic test of Syllogism and scored 5/10 on that test. Now you should look into the following areas of your performance:
→ What type of questions from this topic troubled you the most? Was it the "possibility case" of the Syllogism that consumed most of your time?
→ Did you find conditional syllogisms tricky? Were you able to solve those questions within the time limit?
→ Which were the easier questions of the topic that you skipped and thus lost the opportunity to score higher in Syllogism?
→ What type of questions consumed more than the average time? Is there a better method to approach such questions?
→ How much time did the topper take to solve the questions that you found tricky?
After thoroughly analyzing your performance, go through the solution of each question including the correct attempts as well.
Correct attempts: If the solution technique given by Smartkeeda is better than yours, try to adapt it to save time on those questions in the future.

Incorrect attempts: Find the loophole in your method and understand why the approach used by you didn't work. Try to solve that question using the method given by Smartkeeda.

Skipped: Read the complete question and try to solve it using the method given by Smartkeeda.

Step 3: Reattempt!

After working on your weak areas, take a full-length Reattempt of the test and try to approach the questions with the better methods learned during the analysis session. After the second attempt, compare your current performance with your last performance using the "Your past vs You" feature and observe the following: 
→ How many more questions were you able to attempt after going through the solution?
→ How much time did you save using the new techniques?
→ What was your accuracy on the second attempt?
→ What was your speed on the second attempt?
In this way, while rectifying the loopholes in your approach and reattempting the tests, you'll observe a steep increase in your understanding & score in each topic.
"Success has no shortcuts". Striving for success without working hard is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted. If you systematically follow these steps in the Smartkeeda Topic Tests during your preparation, we promise that within 6 months you'll have a strong hold over your concepts in each topic, and needless to say, cracking any competitive examination would be a cakewalk for you!