SBI has released the exam date for the SBI Clerk 2021 examination on their official website against a total of 5,454 vacancies for the post of Junior Associates. The competition level will be high as lakhs of candidates will be fighting for their place as SBI Clerk. The candidates will have to perform exceptionally well in both examinations i.e. preliminary exam and mains exam. For this, the candidates are required to plan and manage their time to cover the entire syllabus before they appear for the exam. The candidates willing to score 80+ in the SBI Clerk pre-examination should be well versed with the basic preparation tips.
Hence to help the candidates with the same at Smartkeeda has come up with this unique article that talks about the 7 Secrets of Scoring 80+ Marks in the SBI Clerk Exam 2021. Check out and go through the same to score maximum marks in the same:

7 Secrets of Scoring 80+ Marks in SBI Clerk Exam 2021

SBI Clerk exam is approaching and is scheduled for 10th,11th, 12th and 13th of July 2021. The candidates who have applied for the exam and have downloaded the SBI Clerk Admit Card 2021 have to score maximum marks in the exam. SBI Clerk is a very competitive exam and a lot of candidates will be appearing for the same, however, the candidates who score maximum marks and secure marks equal to cut off will be called for the Mains exam. Hence, to help the candidates with the same we have mentioned the 7 secrets of scoring 80+marks in the SBI Clerk Exam 2021 mentioned in the space below:

Clear your Basics before the SBI Clerk Exam

In order to solve any question, the candidates must have clarity of concepts. Candidates can somehow manage to solve the easy questions with average knowledge of concepts but they will find it difficult to deal with the moderate to hard questions. A candidate may forget the short tricks or the smart approach to deal with questions but will never fail if their basic concept is strong. Basic concepts may consume more time but the candidates will always maintain their accuracy. The candidates must practice and solve questions regularly from easy level to moderate level, without skipping to the difficult questions immediately. The students must pay more attention to the topics which are asked in the SBI Clerk examination.

Read the Questions carefully in Exam

The most important thing a candidate must do is read the questions thoroughly and have a clear idea of what is being asked. The candidates who are in a hurry to solve questions can often make mistakes in reading the question properly and ultimately marking the incorrect answer. The candidates must take a few minutes and mark the easy questions to do it in the beginning and then go for the moderate questions, as they consume more time. The questions of the English Language are based on reading skills, unless the candidate does not know the meaning of the question they will not be able to answer it.
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Maintain Your Accuracy in the Exam

The candidates must always try to maintain their accuracy as the 0.25 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer. Maintaining accuracy will help the candidates in the selection process as well, the candidates with the same scores will be selected as per their accuracy. Marking incorrect answers and the questions they are not aware of will decrease the accuracy of a candidate and they will not be able to make it to the mains. The candidates who maintain accuracy may be sure of the marks they will obtain and whether they will clear the cutoff or not.

Apply Basic Grammar Rules

The English language can be the most scoring subject in all three sections. To score good marks in the English section the candidates need to have basic Grammar knowledge and reading skills. If the candidates master the basic topics in Grammar like nouns, Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives etc they will be quick in solving the questions. Through basic Grammar knowledge, the questions on Sentence improvements, Sentence correction and Spotting errors can be answered at a glance. Solving these topics in less time will let the candidates have sufficient time for the reading comprehension sections.
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Use Short Tricks for Quantitative Aptitude section

Quantitative Aptitude requires practice to solve the questions in less time through short tricks. If the candidates have good calculation skills related to squares, cubes, square root and cube root they are likely to consume less time in solving questions. Most of the questions in the Quantitative sections are based on ratio, average and percentage the candidates must inculcate short tricks for solving these types of questions. Candidates must practice the shortcuts in the mock test and analyse them to master each topic.

Attempt Reasoning Puzzles in the end

Puzzles consume the most time in the SBI Clerk Reasoning Section but if the candidates are able to get the sequence correct they can score 5 marks by solving just 1 question. Puzzles may have 2 or 3 variables, attempting such questions, in the beginning, will let the candidates consume more time and panic in the last moment. The candidates must be choosy in terms of solving questions of the Reasoning sections, they must focus on their strong sections and leave the rest of the questions for the end. Puzzles are tricky as they have no formulas, candidates need to practice a variety of puzzle questions as per the latest pattern of SBI Clerk. This will help them in scoring more marks and also improving their accuracy.

Try to attempt Maximum questions from Aptitude and Reasoning

Around 15 questions are from the DI section in Quantitative Aptitude and 15 questions from the puzzles section in Reasoning, by solving just 1 question the candidates can score 5 marks from each set. Candidates who have good calculation skills and the correct approach to solving questions will find both topics easy. The question level of the Aptitude and Reasoning sections are of easy to moderate level, candidates can score more marks in less time. Adopting quicker ways and applying short tricks will help the candidates to stand a chance in qualifying for the exam, as the competition level has been raised the candidates need to give their best in every section.
Secrets of Scoring 80+ Marks in SBI Clerk Exam 2021 FAQs
Q1: How to score high marks in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam?
A1: The candidates can score high marks in the SBI Clerk exam by clearing the basics and maintaining accuracy in the examination.
Q2: How many questions are asked in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam?
A2: A total of 100 questions are asked in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam
Q3: Is there any negative marking in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam?
A3: Yes, there is a negative marking of 1/4th or 0.25 marks in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam.
Q4: What happens if the candidate does not secure marks equivalent to the SBI Clerk cut off?
A4: If the candidate does not secure marks equivalent to the SBI Clerk cut off then he is called to the next stage of the exam.
Q5: Are there sectional cut off marks in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam?
A5: No, there are no sectional cut off marks in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam.

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