The Selection Process of the Bank PO exam comprises written exam and Interview round. After clearing the preliminary and the mains exams the candidates are called for the interview round. The Interview round is the most crucial phase of selection in all the bank exams be it SBI/IBPS/RRB etc. It is a dream come true for the aspirants who qualify for the Bank PO Interview round. The selection in the interview round will decide if a candidate will be provisionally selected for the roles of a Probationary Officer. 
Hence, it is very crucial that the candidates follow all the Bank PO Interview Tips before going for the interview. Additionally, the candidates must also have clarity of their thoughts, confidence in their knowledge, good communication skill, and maintaining the right posture before the interviewer. The struggles and hard work will only pay off when the candidate clears the interview round. Hence with that in mind, we have mentioned the Top 6 Tips for Cracking Bank Exam Interview on this page.

Top 6 Tips for Cracking Bank Exam Interview

1. Research About the Bank

The first thing a candidate has to do while starting their preparation for the bank exam interview is doing brief research regarding the preferred bank. It will help the candidates in reflecting their interest in the aforesaid job in the eyes of the interviewer. For the same, the candidates need to visit the official website of the bank and gather useful information regarding the bank's history. The major key points include capital size, position, services provided, history of the bank, major banking terms, etc. Having clear and in-depth knowledge about the bank will let the aspirant answer every question of the recruiter quickly. The in-depth knowledge will also boost the confidence level of the candidate and they will be fluent in front of the interviewer.

2. Stay Updated with Latest Financial News

The most number of questions asked in the interview is from the general awareness and current affairs section. Hence, the candidates need to focus on the latest and updated financial news. Most of the interviews are to be answered in the English language so the candidates must prefer reading English newspapers to increase their vocabulary. This will also be helpful in developing good communication skills. In order to perform well in the interview, the candidates need to study 4-6 months GA thoroughly. The candidates must have a detailed knowledge of important things happening in the world whether it be important summits, sports, awards in different fields, or new appointments.

3. Attend Mock Interviews

A mock interview helps the candidate to prepare for the interview as the mock interviews are designed on the pretext of the real Interview environment. It also helps the candidate to ease their nervousness before facing the interview as mock interviews will make the candidate habitual to the conditions. If the candidate does not pay proper attention to the mock interviews it may waste their whole preparation as they will not be confident enough to answer the questions asked by the interviewers. Mock interviews increase the ability to respond to the interviewer without hesitation and it also helps in figuring out the candidate’s weak areas.

4. Practice at home

Practicing for bank interviews at home is something that boosts confidence and vocabulary among the candidates. For this, they can practice in front of the mirror or with any family members or friends. The candidates can judge their performance from their own perspective and work on the points that require correction. The continuous efforts to be fluent with fewer mistakes will help them face the interviewer confidently. The candidates can also search the most frequently asked questions that were asked earlier and prepare them with the most suitable answers.

5. Prepare questions related to your resume

The interviewer may ask questions related to the candidate’s resume, it may be regarding their qualification or any other activities that he has been a part of. The candidates need to prepare for the questions before attending the interview so that they do not panic. One of the best ways to do it is by going through the application form and studying it thoroughly. They should also cross-question themselves for each point and prepare their answers beforehand. We at Smartkeeda always ask our candidates to study themselves before appearing in the interview round.

6. Be Confident

Even if the candidate scores low marks in any of the subjects of the Mains examination. The elevated performance of the candidates with better performance in the interview round can provide them with a final selection or provisional allotment. The candidate is required to approach the interviewer with a positive attitude and confidence. Using hand gestures while talking is a sign of being confident in what the candidate is trying to explain. Greeting the interviewers with a smiling and confident face and sitting with the head straight towards the interviewer also shows the confidence level of the candidates.