CUET 2022 Syllabus for Undergraduates Entrance Exam

CUET 2022 is going to be a big relief for all the students, who feel there should be an entrance exam for admission in Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Universities like Delhi University. Because the marking system of  different boards is not uniform. Despite of same syllabus some boards are lenient in marking while the other boards are having strict marking system.

So to remove this disparity Ministry of Education decided to conduct an entrance exam and the ministry has given this responsibility of conducting the exam to the NTA (National Testing Agency). Common entrance exam name is Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET).

NTA the conducting body, will also consider the COVID impact on the students. Smartkeeda assumes on the basis of latest syllabus and pattern, CUET-2022  questions wont be very tough.

Pattern of the Exam of Under Graduates Courses

If we talk about the pattern of the paper, there will be two sections:- Section A and B.

Section A will be the aptitude type where according to syallbus,you have to deal with 10th standard Math, Reasoning, GK, General Studies and English. In total there will be 50 questions and time you will get 1 hour (tentative)

Section B will consist of domain knowledge where your subject-related test will happen, for example, students who are seeking admission in Bachelors of Commerce have to make themselves ready with commerce-related fundamental questions. Here total 30 questions and the time is 2 hrs.


  • Total 80 questions (Aptitude and Domain Knowledge)
  • Multi Choice Questions
  • 4 mark for correct,
  • Minus 1 mark for incorrect answer
  • Online mode
  • Duration :- 3 Hours
 Students will not get a break between sections A and B in the examination hall. So make yourself comfortable with the 3 hrs. sitting at a length.


Let’s drill down the sections A and B for undergraduates’ entrance exam to get what exactly will be the syallbus according to the pattern.

Section A: - 50 questions, 1hr. Aptitude Based
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning (Questions 10)
  • General Awareness and ICT (Questions 5)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Questions 10)
  • Verbal Ability (Questions 10)
  • Reading Comprehension (Questions 15)
Section B: - 30 Questions 2 hrs. Domain Knowledge based. (Any one subject, for example, admission prepare commerce)
  • Commerce (Questions 30)
  • Science (Questions 30)
  • Arts (Questions 30)
  • Other  (Questions 30)

Sample Questions accrding to latest syallbus and pattern

 Some sample questions for Section A pattern and syallbus  for CUET 2022 UG Prog.


Sample questions 

Sample questions 

1.Find the misspelled word.
6.123 printers print 984 papers in 1/15 hour. The average number of papers printed per minute by a printer is
1 Paper
2 Paper
3 Paper
5 Paper
2.Out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence:- A person behind time.
7.If the CI on a certain sum for 2 years at 20% pa is Rs. 4400, and then the SI on it at the same rate for 2 years would be
Rs. 5000
3.A device or program that enables a computer to transmit data over telephone or cable lines is called:
8.Men, Women and children are employed to do a work in the proportion of 3 : 2 : 1 and their wages are in the proportion of 5 : 3 : 2. When 90 men are employed, total daily wages of all amounts to ? 10350. Find the daily wages of a man in Rs.
4.The executive power of the state is vested in__________.
Chief Minister
Council of Ministers in the state
9.If GMSYL is written as WLRDQ, then RAGHU will be written as
5.The headquarters of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is located in
New York
10.Find the odd one out from the given alternatives

Books for CUET 2022 for UG Programs :-

NTA while conducting the CUET would keep in mind the easy availability of books and e-books. and this is the reason agency is taking note of each and every board's syallbus and pattern so that all students have level play field.

So keeping that thing in mind, Smartkeeda assume that your class material will be sufficient for covering the whole syllabus. Topics in which you are not comfortable, you can watch different YouTube videos.

Still if you think you need to books for concenptional clarity buy given below books (buy link is provided)

Subjects  Books 
English Language Wren & Martin High School English Grammar And Composition Book
Logical and Analytical Reasoning Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning R.S. Agarwal
General Knowledge Lucent
Reasoning &  General Aptitude
Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning R.S. Agarwal
Numerical Aptitude/Data Interpretation Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations R. S. Agarwal
General Awareness & Studies Any one news paper & Ghatna Chakra books

Note: - For domain knowledge syallbus, you can refer to your course books like NCERTs. No need to buy specific books for domain knowledge. Solve questions based on MCQs pattern

Right now everybody is in panic because the official syllabus is yet to come. The best way to rolling the stoneand is to give half an hour to CUET prep. Have the confidence that whatever syllabus and pattern you are following right now, more or less the same will be followed by the NTA (and we have solid reasons for that).

Always keep the syallbus infront of you while studying for CUET and analysis the pattern of question from Previous year questions.

Club your syallbus of Board with the CUET Prep. for syngery effect.

Keep Enjoying Study.
Team Smartkeeda