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We hope you are working hard and ready to go the extra mile to crack the upcoming CUET -2023 entrance exam in your very first attempt to get admissions in your desired Universities. Since, Universities like Delhi University (DU), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), University of Rajasthan and many more reputed universities are participating in CUET 2023, Due to which CUET 2023 has become more prominent and more competitive. Therefore, it won’t be a cake walk for the aspirants to crack a university level entrance exam in their very first attempt. So in this article, we at Smartkeeda will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you to crack CUET 2023.
See, we have to cover four sections in Part- A of UG and PG Programmes which consists of 25 questions of each section i.e. English Language, General Awareness, Mathematical Aptitude, and Analytical Skills. For that, if you have been going to classes on a regular basis and if you have done focused study then it won’t be a herculean task for you.
So the key to all of the preparation, though, is to understand, How to prepare for exams. Once you know that, the rest of it doesn’t seem burdensome.
Here we at Smartkeeda, we always try to provide our students quality content with apt analysis at an affordable price. So you won’t feel study as a financial burden. We are buckling down to save your extra second in your exams.
So here are some tips and tricks that you have to follow.

1. Take a Mock test daily of CUET 2023

We recommend you to bring it in your routine to take mock test once a day. It will surely enhance your preparation and eliminate the fear of exams. At Smartkeeda you will find authentic content which is based on the actual examination. Smartkeeda also provide you a pre-eminent analysis of your performance in the mock test. So after taking mock, go through all the analysis and check yourself where you stand in the competition.

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2. Compare yourself with Toppers

You must have heard from a lot of people that don’t compare yourself with others. But be aware of the fact that, if you are in the competitions fields you should compare else you will not able to figure out the competition in the market. So after taking a mock test, there is an option in Smartkeeda/Testzone app of topper comparison with yourself. One should be attentive while going through that comparison filter.
The positive outcomes of comparison with toppers are that you get to know about the factors like:
  • How does topper think?
  • How they tackle the exam?
  • What is their strategy to crack the exam?
  • How much time do they take to solve a particular question?

3. Make a list of important things you need to get done:

See, to crack an exam smart work is always important then hard work. The syllabus of CUET exam is vast and to cover the whole syllabus at one’s finger tips is not an easy task. Therefore, we have to focus only on the important topics.
Go through the syllabus provided in the link and make a list of those topics where you are good at and set the priority according to the preparation or your mock test result.
This helps you because it puts your mind at ease. If you have a list of everything which you need to get done, you can rest easy knowing exactly what is important for you. This helps lower your exam-related anxiety while studying and also during the test. If you know that all the material was on that list and that you can give competition to other aspirants, you have to stick on those topics and practice as hard as you can.

4. Cut your preparation into parts

We have four sections to prepare for the exam and to prepare all the four section at once is not that easy. Here at Smartkeeda, we also provide Sectional quizzes and Sectional mocks. So we will highly recommend you to take sectional quizzes first to ace your preparation and to gain some confidence in yourself towards the exam.

5. Repeat It

We have already discussed the 4 crucial steps for your CUET 2023 preparation. Now it’s time to repeat them again and again until you touch the topper in your mock tests.

You must have heard that “When you are not practising, someone else is getting better”.  It simply means, Practice is one thing that defines your grit and determination towards your goal.  It’s your hard-work or grit that makes it possible and not your fortune. It is indeed true as far as competitive exam preparation is concerned. It’s more of your practice that gives you an edge over others.

For more information about the CUET exam and best CUET exam preparation material, CUET mock tests & Quizzes, you can refer to our CUET website https://cuet.smartkeeda.com

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