Hello Aspirants!

We hope you are working hard and ready to go the extra mile to crack the upcoming SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and SSC MTS examinations 2023. We appreciate your hard work and your dedication towards the preparation. But, in this competitive world, do you think hard work and dedication are enough to crack an examination?

The answer to this question is a clear “No”.

To fight a competition you need a mentor who can take your preparation in the right directions.

We at Smartkeeda exactly do the same, we act as a helping hand for the Aspirants to ace their preparation and help them to achieve their goals. 

What is something that makes Smartkeeda a feather in cap in your SSC preparation

See, the key to all of the preparation, though, is to understand, How to prepare for exams. Once you know that, the rest of it doesn’t seem burdensome.

One of the major problems that every Aspirant faces during their preparation is to find a reliable platform on which they test themselves where they stand in terms of their preparation and their performance.

  • We at Smartkeeda, are buckling down to provide pre-eminent content based on neoteric pattern asked in examination.
  • We are committed to provide the ‘best interface’ experience as evidenced by our well pleased subscribers.
  • We are bound to save the extra second in your exams.
  • We are pledged to solve each and every query of yours.
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Focal Points of Smartkeeda

Exam oriented questions with Out and Out explanation:

For an Aspirant, it is the content that matters the most because if the questions provided in the mock tests are not oriented to the actual examination then there is no use of taking a mock test.

At Smartkeeda, Mock tests have been designed by our professional content development team. We give 100% affirmation that the content is up to the level of actual exams. Our SSC CGL Mock Test have been proofread by selected aspirants and experienced content development team. Then it reaches up to you.

User Friendly and Easy to Access

Smartkeeda app is easy to access and completely a user friendly app. Smartkeeda app is compatible with every device and easily accessible for everyone. You can easily contact us through E-mail and you will get response within 24-hours’ time.

Smart Analysis with Topper’s Comparison

You must have heard from a lot of people that don’t compare yourself with others. But be aware of the fact that, if you are in the competitive market you should compare else you will not be able to figure out the competition in the market. So after taking a mock test, there is an option in Smartkeeda/Testzone app of topper comparison with yourself. One should be attentive while going through that comparison filter.

The positive outcomes of comparison with toppers are that you get to know about the factors like:
  • How does topper think?
  • How they tackle the exam?
  • What is their strategy to crack the exam?
  • How much time do they take to solve a particular question?

Analysis is really an important feature for all-round development as an individual and we provide an overall analysis of a particular mock test.

Within One’s Means

To provide Quantity with Quality at an affordable price is our motto. And we are adhering to the fact that our users do not have to compromise in terms of affordability. We have monthly plans as well as yearly plans for different examinations at reasonable prices.

You can check out all the plans by clicking - Click Here

Streamlined Doubt Sessions

Doubt Session is one of the key features of Smartkeeda. Candidates who take mock tests can raise their doubts. And each and every query of candidates gets answered within 24 hours by our team.

A message for all Aspirants

‘Do not focus on what you cannot do; take a look at what you are capable of’.

‘You will feel confident and learn new things along your way’.

‘Always look for how much progress can be made rather than perfection’.

‘Life will be a lot easier’.

‘Succeeding in life is easy as long as you believe in yourself. Trust yourself, and success will come along’.

Team Smartkeeda