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Sudipto Nath IBPS clerk 2023 Its been a long journey with several ups and downs but what matters at the end is this that we don't give up till our final destination is reached. Failure will be a part of journey(might not be for everyone but for most it will be) and we need accept it and most importantly learn from it too so that we can strive for success and finally achieve it as well. I feel that we should just give our best in whatever we do rather than thinking of the adversities, in this way we can celebrate not only the success but also the journey as well.
Ashish Chaturvedi IBPS clerk 2023 First of all, I would like to thank God and my parents who supported me in this journey. I cleared IBPS Clerk and was selected in PNB. SmartKeeda Mock test has played a vital role in my journey. I also thank the Smartkeeda team for my success. The tests are relevant to the real exam, no hype, no unnecessary hard questions; all questions are set according to the real exam. I strictly stuck to Smartkeeda for my practice.
Deepak Dubey IBPS PO 2023 I really want to thank Smartkeeda for providing such a nice and exam-relevant mock test, it helped me a lot during my preparation.
Abhishek Choudhary IBPS PO & clerk 2023 Smartkeeda's CA Mockdrill is a must to study because the level of GA level is increasing every year in bank exams and students are finding it hard to score 4 or 5 marks. I also gave a test series of Smartkeeda and I have to be honest it is the best, the kind of analysis it provides after the test has been attempted is mind blowing.
RUPESH KUMAR ROUT IBPS PO 2023 It took me 2 year to crack the ibps po exam.Last year unfortunately i was unable to attempt the exam as i forget to bring my prelim call letter. And this year i am fortunate enough that I am here
RAJIV NAYAN SINGH IBPS PO & Clerk 2023 My name is RAJIV NAYAN SINGH. I have been selected as IBPS PO and IBPS clerk. I have started preparing for the bank exam in 2021. These 3 years of journey were full of roller coaster rides for me. Initially, a few years were clueless about the exam and not able to clear a single prelim. But I never gave up and maintained unwavering dedication and perseverance that set the path for my success. In the process of changing strategy, I discovered the Smartkeeda test series and attempted more than 100 mocks. And the level SK has maintained was quite outstanding. It surely will make you prepare for the toughest paper and help to foster your concept. CA Mockdrill is undoubtedly the best among all, especially the smart points. My savior among all the sections was GA and played an important role in clearing SBI PO. Till now ! have cleared RRB Clerk and SBI PO. My only mool mantra is "Whenever you find yourself at the lowest point of your life just remember God has always something big for you only he needs from you is never to give up and keep working hard. Thank you Smartkeeda for your amazing work.
SUMAN MUKHERJEE IBPS clerk 2023 After 2.5 years of continuous efforts, after too many failures, after too many frustrated moments finally i selected as IBPS Clerk in Punjab & Sind Bank from Assam. This journey taught me one thing very well Never Give Up. Just give it a last try. Something good awaits you. Smartkeeda helped me a lot throughout my preparation. The quality of the questions in the mock test is top-notch. If you want to get good marks in the Mains you should practice this level of questions.
Rashtri Sur IBPS PO 2023 Drawing from personal experience, having passed graduation in June of 2023 and subsequently clearing the IBPS PO exam in the same year, I can confidently affirm that Smartkeeda's banking series for IBPS is unparalleled among online mock websites. The quality of questions offered by Smartkeeda's mocks not only helped me understand the concepts but also prepared me thoroughly for the exams. The "CA Mockdrill" feature is a real lifesaver for boosting general awareness and staying updated on current affairs.
Shruti Mahendra Moon IBPS clerk 2023 I have started preparing for the bank exam in mid 2021 right after my graduation. I was able to clear prelims but could not make it in Mains as I was unable to retain General Awareness and used to make notes which eventually used to consume a lot of time. My savior was the CA Mockdrill which is undoubtedly the best among all, and played an important role in clearing the exam especially the smart points. Last year I was unable to clear IBPS PO Mains but this year I scored 19.75 marks above the cut off but didn’t appeared for the interview as I am already working in FCI. This year I have cleared FCI AG-3, RRB PO, RRB CLERK and IBPS CLERK. The Mains mock is the best which will make you ready to face the toughest paper. SK has maintained its level quite outstanding which will surely make you prepare for the toughest paper. The interface, the content, the explanation, everything was so good and it really helped me to practice well for the exams. Thank you for such a quality content
Shreya Mahendra Moon IBPS PO 2023 I started my preparation for banking in 2021 just after graduation but wasn’t able to clear my Mains as I was also working in an MNC. In 2022 got to know about Smartkeeda but was a little reluctant to give mock tests from this platform as I used to score very few marks but I consistently attempted the mocks and analyzed them. Initially, the mock levels demotivated me but I was sure this level of test series would make me PO. In 2023 I decided to leave my job and do preparation with 100% determination, but my luck was not on my side so failed in all clerk prelims and was able to clear only IBPS PO pre and decided to give my sweat and blood for mains but the mains was very difficult. I was sure I wouldn't be able to clear it but by god's grace and hard work cleared it and cracked IBPS PO in my first interview. The Smartkeeda mocks and mock drills are very efficient and smart points have helped me to clear mains in a very short time. The mains mocks are precise levels as exams. The level of questions with a wide variety of questions and mind-storming puzzles and DIs are similar to the actual exam level which helped to crack the exam Hats off to the team!
Tarun Pratap Singh IBPS Clerk 2023 I am an ex-serviceman and left the Army on 31st Dec 2021 after completing 17 years of rigorous service. I had set my Target of joining banking hence started self-preparation for it. A few months later, I took the IBPS RRB, IBPS CLERK, and SBI exams but failed in the Mains due to a lack of practice and strategy. Then, I found Smartkeeda which provided me with the BEST GA/CA/BA material and kept my hope alive. This time I focused on your Mocks and your strategy for CA/GA. Finally, I got selected today under your guidance and efforts for aspirants. My SBI JA result is to take place and now I am damn sure to crack this one too because of the SMARTKEEDA team. Thanks a lot.
Snigdhadip Chowdhury IBPS PO 2023 I started my preparation on 6th July 2022 and I was clueless at that time, in 2023 February I purchased the mock test series and sectional test series of Smartkeeda as everyone suggested me to do so, and they were right. I started feeling confident after giving mock tests and sectional tests of high quality. With quality content comes outstanding results. From tricky conceptual questions of quants to long and difficult questions of reasoning and well-researched comprehension passages for Mains, everything is here in a package. I got my selection by giving myself quality time to solve the papers and analyse the mistakes I made. Thanks to team Smartkeeda.
Foram thakkar IBPS PO & clerk 2023 I have done the CA Mockdrill thoroughly which helped me in GA also the mock test of SK was very helpful as they met the high standards of the exam and helped me to sail through the journey. Thank you so much Smartkeeda
Parth khurana IBPS clerk 2023 It's been an amazing journey with Smartkeeda, especially the mock tests are fabulous and depicts real exam patterns using Smartkeeda Mockdrill has really helped me in achieving the desired result.
Arkamita Das IBPS PO & clerk 2023 This year I have cleared both IBPS PO and Clerk and that too with my 1st preference, i.e. PNB. So, this isn’t at all impossible. This is my 2nd attempt and all I did was prepared in a smart way. Mock tests had been my best friend during my preparation phase and Smartkeeda mock tests are just unbeatable. During my preparation, my favorite time-pass was to revise Current Affairs and Smartkeeda provides the best CA coverage through their CA Mockdrill. My suggestion to all budding aspirants would be, to keep faith in yourself, not lose your valuable time by doubting yourself, attempt mocks, and be happy. Be motivated because success is waiting for you. Best of luck!
Eshu IBPS PO & clerk 2023 It took me 3 years to finally be selected in SBI PO, IBPS PO, and IBPS CLERK. Mock tests play an essential role in Bank exams because it will help in time management and managing mentally pressure in exam hall. I prefer SMARTKEEDA mocks because I like their analysis part and the small tricky part in prelims questions. Also its mains mocks level same or above the actual exam level so it can prepare you properly for exams.
Maneesh Singh IBPS clerk 2023 Though I have already joined the Income tax Dept at Pune through SSC CGL, I am happy and excited after seeing my name in the result of IBPS clerk 2023. I am very thankful to my spouse, family, and Anil Agrawal sir who recommended to move on Smartkeeda for mock tests which helped me a lot to clear this exam.
Susmita Das IBPS clerk 2023 I have been preparing for the past 4 years. But because of my GA score, I failed every time. This year I was adamant about getting the job and did my preparation from Smartkeeda 's CA Mockdrill & here I am. So I thank you Smartkeeda for everything.
Abhishek IBPS clerk 2023 Work Hard with a proper plan and in this journey, smartkeeda will help you completely with its Topic tests sectional tests mock tests, and most importantly CA mock drills which is a one-stop solution. Prepare step by step and get your dream job.
Subhankar Konai IBPS PO 2023 I am Subhankar Konai from West Bengal. Since 2022, I have been preparing for banking exams and finally cleared IBPS PO 2023-24. The Smartkeeda Mock test is one of the most relevant mock tests that I have used. Apart from the mock tests, CA MOCKDRILL is the one-stop solution for current affairs. It was the only source that I used during my preparation. Thank you, Smartkeeda, for all of the things.