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Priya Agrawal SBI PO 2023 The test series that I majorly used for the preparation was Smartkeeda. The interface, the content, the explanation, everything was so good and it really helped me to practice well for the exams. Thank you for such a quality content.
Ishika Soni SBI PO 2023 Smartkeeda's mock tests are really good and helped me a lot in getting ready for exams. The CA mockdrill was especially useful. I can say confidently that Smartkeeda has the best study material. It made my preparation journey easier and more effective. With Smartkeeda, I felt ready and confident for my exams, thanks to their excellent resources.
Barsha Halder SBI PO 2023 One thing I realized in these 2 years of preparation is that in exams you never fail either you win or learn. So don't lose faith in yourself and focus more on smart work than hard work. And yes there is nothing a perfect strategy follow whatever you believe is right for you. And giving mocks will help you most in this preparation journey. By giving mocks your fear of taking an exam will eventually decrease and you will be confident at the exam hall. And I am really thankful to Smartkeeda because the level of mocks of Smartkeeda are very similar to the real exam so by solving these tests boosts my confidence.
Aditi Singh SBI PO 2023 I began my banking journey in 2021. At that time, I cleared some prelims but couldn't clear the mains. Then in 2022, I cleared all the prelims again but failed in the mains once more. It wasn't until 2023 that I discovered Smartkeeda. Smartkeeda's weapons like Full-length mocks, Topic Test, Sectional, CA Mockdrill, and Re-attempt feature helped me a lot, and with their assistance, I scored well in my exams. All aspirants can blindly trust Smartkeeda and attempt mocks daily to learn from their mistakes. In conclusion, if I can do it, anyone can. All the best to everyone.
Meghna Paul SBI PO 2023 One thing I’d like to convey to all the aspirants out there is the importance of giving your 100% effort towards achieving your goals. Believe in yourself and maintain a positive mindset, for sometimes success isn't just about studying hard but also about having the right attitude. Even during challenging times, keep faith in yourself, and you'll find a way to overcome obstacles without even realizing how you did it. Stay focused and positive! & Thanks Team Smartkeeda your mocktests helped a lot during my preparation.
Sumona Bhattacharyya SBI PO 2023 Hello everyone, SBI PO was always a dream job for me. I've been preparing for a long time and it's finally happened! I'm overwhelmed by the success I've achieved. In my journey, Smartkeeda Mock tests were my best friend. For SBI particularly, I also followed the CA Mockdrill. I applaud everyone selected and I wish every aspirant best of luck! Keep working hard and it'll all be worth it.
Subhasmita Gouda SBI PO 2023 Thank you Smartkeeda for your mocktest and CA Mockdrill. It's been really very helpful for my bank exam preparation. I cannot thank enough to your entire team. Thank you very much.
Ruchika Nandgaonkar SBI PO 2023 I have been a Banking Aspirant since 2021. I cleared IBPS PO/Clerk pre & SBI PO/Clerk pre on the very 1st attempt in 2021, but unfortunately missed the IBPS PO final cut-off by 0.5 marks. This was my 3rd attempt and I gave all my efforts this time. Smartkeeda helped me a lot with their CA Mockdrill. Most of the questions were asked from there, and because of that, I was able to crack my dream job. I genuinely thank the whole team of Smartkeeda from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥
Swapna Jada SBI PO 2023 Rather than being devastated about failure, being consistent and optimistic will be the two weapons to clear this exam. One big mistake is not preparing for mains after prelims thinking that I may not clear prelims cost me a year. Give Smartkeeda mock tests & Topic Tests diligently and analyze them after each exam to retain what we learned. Current Affairs Mockdrill is a new and effective feature that was added recently which keeps aspirants updated.
Arkamita Das SBI PO 2023 Everyone here and there talk about that securing a job in banking sector, specially SBI PO is very hard nut to crack. But if the preparation is in right track, it can be cracked easily, and this right track is 'practice, practice and practice'. The difficulty level of the all mocks in Smartkeeda very much resembles to the actual exam pattern I must say and CA Mockdrill proved to be the best learning material for Current Affairs to me. This is my 2nd attempt in which I've cracked SBI PO. My suggestions to budding aspirants would be, don't waste your valuable time in being depressed and doubting yourself. Attempt mocks, analyze them well, revise daily current affairs, and be a successful banker. Best of luck!
Sumedha Bhowmik SBI PO 2023 I have found Smartkeeda mock tests the best for mains preparation. Thank you Smartkeeda for being an integral part of my journey!
Isha Dutta SBI PO 2023 Smartkeeda Mocktest, CA Mockdrill, and the re-attempt feature played crucial roles in helping me crack this exam. The content quality and the challenging difficulty level provided by these platforms were instrumental in my success. I managed to balance preparation alongside my corporate job, thanks to these resources. My advice to all aspiring students is to never become complacent with your hard work. Continuously strive to set goals that push beyond your current capacity. Best of luck to all the students preparing for the SBI PO 2024 exam!
Dharna Agarwal SBI PO 2023 The Smartkeeda mock tests are of supreme quality. It provides with balance mock test easy hard and exam level which helped to tackle real time mains examination. The re- attempt features help us to analyze the improvements done.
Harini Viji SBI PO 2023 My journey with Smartkeeda started 2 years back. Earlier I used a lot of resources and was made me clumsy. After I came to know about Smartkeeda, my whole preparation routine started with quizzes. There were plenty of questions there on that too Topic wise which helped me to learn all topics. I did it as much as I could with mocks. Then Topic-Test was introduced. Whenever I have exams I give those to ensure my speed and to have revision of topics. Even though I used the Sectional test for quants and reasoning. It helped me a lot when it comes to English. Nothing has been done from my side for English except mocks and sectional tests. English played a major role in my selection. Now comes the major section CA. Current Affairs Mockdrill was the best of everything. It had everything that an aspirant need to crack. Thank you so much Team Smartkeeda for making me a SBI PO.
Jeya poorani A SBI PO 2023 Smartkeeda has been an immense part of my success. The mock test and CA Mockdrill were top-notch. A highly reliable source for selection.
Ketan Mishra SBI PO 2023 Smartkeeda mock tests have been an absolute game-changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone embarking on their exam preparation journey. The usefulness of Smartkeeda mock tests is unparalleled, and the interface is incredibly user-friendly. With Smartkeeda's weapons like Full Mocks, Topic Test, Sectional, CA Mockdrill, and Re-attempt feature, I found myself equipped with the perfect tools to tackle my exams with confidence.
Parvinder SBI PO 2023 I have been preparing for SBI PO Mains for one year and I have cleared SBI PO on my first attempt. The Smartkeeda test series helps a lot to me because the level of questions in the test series is very good. I also appreciate the innovation in questions as per the exact exam level. Thanks to the Smartkeeda team a lot from the bottom of my heart.
Srijit Mondal SBI PO 2023 This was my first attempt that too in just two months of prep as I started in September. Smartkeeda's mocks have been comprehensive and effective in understanding and growing on marks. Forever indebted.
Garvit Singh SBI PO 2023 Hard work pays off in the end. Remember, repetition is the key. Select your sources and revise them, revise them. It will change the climax of the story. CA को लेकर शुरू में मुझे बड़ा Doubt था की क्या और कैसे करूं But CA Mockdrills ने काम Easy कर दिया. The content of Mockdrill is concise, making it easy to retain. The smart points are even more effective than I anticipated, allowing for instant revision of key concepts. I'm delighted to be a part of the SK family. आपके Topic-test भी बहुत Awesome है I just loved everything. Thanks a lot, guys.
Shivanshu Sen SBI PO 2023 This journey was full of emotions for me, coming from a humble background, clearing SBI PO was not an easy task. I had a full-time job, due to which there was always a time constraint for me. I just relied on mocks and CA classes. Smartkeeda mocks have always been that of exam level. I would suggest the aspirants clear their basics and then go on with mocks. Just believe in lord कृष्णा जी and never give up.