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Sudheer Jangid IBPS RRB OA 2023 Hi, I am Sudheer Jangid, got selected as IBPS RRB OA 2023 ✌. I am from jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. I am preparing for bank exam from last 2 years. After a lot of failures I got selected. I am using Smartkeeda mock (Topic Test, Sectional & Full length mock) for last 1 year. It helped me in my success. Thank you so much 🙏❤
Abhijit Roy IBPS RRB OA 2023 The Smartkeeda mock drill has played a significant role in my GA preparation. Mock tests are really helpful and exam-relevant. Thank You Smartkeeda😊
Ansh Gulati IBPS RRB OA 2023 Smartkeeda helps me a lot in both phases of exam. The level of questions in mock test is far above than real examination which is helpful in real examination. CA Mockdrill is also very helpful in examination.
Virender Singh Negi IBPS RRB PO 2023 I went through many monthly magazines of CA but, never got confidence with the content. Finally, I purchased CA mockdrills, after reading the content, and smartpoints, which helped me for quick revision, I decided to stick to this magazine only. Your mocks and CA magazines helped me to crack RRB PO in my very first attempt.
Siddharth IBPS RRB OA 2023 I would like to thank SMARTKEEDA team for providing exam oriented content. It helped me immensely during my preparation phase. I relied heavily on Mock Test and Sectional Test for regular practice. The trending questions also helped me get accustomed to the actual exam pattern. It has definitely played a key role in my selection. Once again thanks a lot.
Anwarul Islam IBPS RRB OA 2023 Transitioning from a tuition tutor, I aimed for a permanent career in 2022 by diving into banking preparation. Smartkeeda's Testzone mock, recommended by many, instilled the confidence needed. This mock played a crucial role, empowering me to give my best in all exams and ultimately achieving my goal. Smartkeeda's support was instrumental in my successful career shift.
Shahid Maroof IBPS RRB OA 2023 Smartkeeda's mocks and sectionals were pivotal in my success. Featuring actual-level questions and comprehensive explanations, they significantly enhanced my performance and improvement in exams. The platform's quality content and accurate preparation materials played a crucial role in my journey towards success.
Md Afjal Ansari IBPS RRB OA 2023 Prepping since 2022, I aced RRB OA on my first attempt, thanks to Smartkeeda. Their mocks taught me valuable lessons, contributing significantly to my success. Smartkeeda's resources proved indispensable in my journey, offering effective and insightful preparation tools.
Shruti Moon IBPS RRB PO & Clerk 2023 Commencing my preparation in mid-2021, this marked my second attempt at RRB PO. The previous year, falling just short of the cutoff, particularly in GA, was disheartening. This time, investing in SK Mockdrills and the test series proved beneficial. The mockdrills, with smartpoints for quick revision, and topic-wise PDFs in tabular format streamlined my study process. The test series, mirroring the exam pattern, provided a realistic interface. Extremely satisfied, Smartkeeda stands highly recommended for its diverse questions, challenging puzzles, and DIs. Kudos to the team!
GUNNALA RAKESH IBPS RRB PO 2023 Smartkeeda stands out with its superior content and user-friendly interface, setting it apart from other platforms. The quality of material is unmatched, offering an enriching learning experience. The platform's intuitive design enhances the overall user experience, making it a preferred choice. Smartkeeda not only delivers the best content but also ensures a positive and satisfying interface for seamless exam preparation.
Preeti Kumari IBPS RRB OA 2023 Amidst the challenges of COVID, I initiated my exam preparation, initially unaware of the significance of mock tests. Following Anil Agarwal sir's guidance on YouTube, I discovered Smartkeeda as the ultimate tool for banking exam success. Wholeheartedly relying on Smartkeeda's mock tests, I dedicated considerable effort, leading to my eventual triumph in the exams. Grateful for this invaluable resource that played a pivotal role in my success.
Amar Mukhia IBPS RRB OA 2023 First of all thanks to Smartkeeda, As suggested by Anil Aggarwal Sir and Ankush Lamba sir, I got selected RRB OA (UTTER BIHAR GRAMIN BANK), which proved really helpful. Specialty of Smartkeeda, advanced in mock test questions. Which are very helpful in my Mains exam preparation, mock tests boosted my performance and confidence.
Abhishek kumar IBPS RRB PO & Clerk 2023 Due to Smartkeeda, I am selected in RRB PO, RRB CLERK, and BOI IT OFFICER, I only depended on Smartkeeda, I started with the Topic Test and then Sectional then full-length mocks. In CA I only used Mockdrill and videos on YouTube.
Anujshree Ghosh IBPS RRB PO 2023 Thank you, Smartkeeda, for the incredible mock tests; I'm truly grateful. Starting my preparation in September 2021 after graduation, 2022 brought no success, leading to self-doubt. In 2023, incorporating yoga, positive self-talk, and affirmations, I regained focus. Finally, in August 2023, I cleared my first prelims (IBPS RRB PO), followed by mains in September. November saw my successful interview, a result of Lord Krishna's blessings. To aspirants, my advice is to stay calm, have faith in God, and repeatedly affirm, "मेरे साथ सब कुछ बहुत अच्छा होगा।". Best wishes and Happy New Year! Hare Krishna 🙏
Sudarshan kumar jha IBPS RRB PO 2023 Firstly, thank you, Smartkeeda, for providing the best study material, Mockdrills, and mock tests. I completed my Bachelor's in 2022 and began preparing for banking exams. While I cleared all the prelims last year, I couldn't crack any mains. This time, I focused solely on RRB PO/CLERK, clearing both prelims and securing a final selection as RRB Officer Scale 1 without any classes (online/offline). My brother, a Service Manager at SBI, shared his experiences. THANK YOU, BHAIYA, AND THE SMARTKEEDA TEAM. 🙏🙏❤️
MRINALI CHANGMAI IBPS RRB OA 2023 Smartkeeda provided a realistic exam scenario with a mix of easy and difficult mocks, exposing me to various question levels. The diverse range of questions was sufficient for comprehensive preparation, ensuring I was well-prepared for the actual exam. Smartkeeda's approach enhanced my readiness and contributed significantly to my success.
Arunita Maitra IBPS RRB PO & Clerk 2023 Ankush Lamba sir recommended Smartkeeda, becoming my favorite platform throughout my preparation. The CA mock drill series and test series were invaluable. The smart analysis section, providing percentiles and ranks, boosted my confidence after each mock test. Thanks to Smartkeeda, I cleared RRB PO and RRB Clerk in my first attempt from West Bengal. The platform played a pivotal role in my success journey.
Vijoy Adhikari IBPS RRB OA 2023 Hello, I'm Vijoy Adhikari from West Bengal. My journey to crack bank exams faced numerous challenges since 2019, attempting over 25 exams. Struggling with English, I dedicated time to improve. Despite several setbacks, I cleared IBPS PO 2021 pre but fell short in mains. Finally, on January 1, 2024, I saw my name in the result, bringing immense joy. Overcoming criticism and doubts, I give credit to my family, Anil sir for guidance, and Smartkeeda's valuable resources. I cleared RRB Clerk in BGVB, my first achievement, and not the last. To fellow aspirants: don't lose hope, take guidance, and persist. Thank you! 🙏😊
Suman Kumar IBPS RRB PO 2023 Smartkeeda's mock tests, tougher than the actual exams, proved instrumental in reducing panic during the real test. The challenging nature of the mocks prepared me well, making the actual exam feel more manageable. Thanks to Smartkeeda's rigorous preparation, facing the real exam became a confident and composed experience.
Yogesh Verma IBPS RRB OA 2023 Yogesh Verma here! Smartkeeda's mocks were crucial in my preparation. Ranging from challenging to moderate, they offer high-quality questions pertinent to the exams. Smartkeeda's mock tests significantly contributed to my success journey, providing a comprehensive and diverse set of questions for effective preparation.